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I have two minature schnauzers. One is light silver and the other salt and pepper. I can trim the light silver one, but my clippers will not clip the salt and pepper one. It's hair seems more bristley. I have bought like three different pair and none of them work good on her. What do you suggest. I like to do it myself as it is expensive with two dogs to take them both every three weeks.
Is this madness true? I may realize that it may require any free space for the partition C: where it should be installed or booting up the system, but why other partitions?!
Basically, if the computer needs to be repaired, or maybe the operating system needs reloaded, or even if a virus needs cleaned where are the first places you look to get it serviced (other then the manufacturer ... lets say it's out of warranty) or to ask questions about what needs done to it? And when you find a company that you think can handle fixing the computer, what are your requirements of that company?
Can I install this on my work PC, I don't have admin rights.
A) ProtonsB) Gamma RaysC) Beta ParticlesD) Alpha ParticlesThanks.
Do I have to replace any other parts? Or just the valve? Estimate cost of repair?