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Cutey With A Booty I wonder... if our economy right now is "strong"... when exactly is our economy ever "weak" then?
Golden Throne with his Gold enladen Robe and wearing a Gold Cross bigger than Mr. T's? He makes the church look like nothing more than one big hypocritical oxy moron...Oh, and if you ever meet him, you're supposed to kiss his gigantic golden ring.
Gray Wolf
The counter-package proposed by House Republicans, would shift focus entirely from spending to tax relief.
The Oracle
Get rid of the strangehold of foreign oil? Full employment of everyone? Return to the gold standard?
What caused the financial crisis. Who is to be blamed? For example is it the capitalist system, lack of supervision, bankers, etc. What are the repercussions? Is it blown out of proportion or is it as bad as the Great Depression?
Blue Cafe
Is the deregulation that proponents of laissez fair neo liberalism put into place the cause of the worlds current economic woes? Is free market deregulation a greedy myth?
Congress approved the massive bailout, and Paulson keeps changing his mind about how to spend the money. Unilaterally, I might add. And as government policy keeps changing, it makes already volatile markets even more so. I remember a scene from the movie, "Hudson Hawk", in which the female love interest tries to shoot the bad guy that Bruce Willis is fighting, but keeps hitting Willis. Finally he shouts out: "Stop helping me!" Are we at that point with our government trying to "fix" the economy where every attempt just hurts it more, and we need them to stop "helping" us?​w_recovery.html