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.. I want my blog to be displayed as links rather than having it shown the way it does by minimizing it.. any way I can do this?..
i start a subroutine by clicking a command button. It has some timers and finishes by producing a result from an instrument. I need to have an emergency stop command button that ends that subroutine.
The goal is to not use windows mail as the main client for handling web email links. Even when using Outlook and it is set as the default in the default programs menu, windows mail still pops up every time a web email link is clicked on. How is this disabled?
I have Live OneCare, but I want to try Kaspersky w/Comodo Firewall trials instead. If I uninstall OneCare, which I have synced to my live ID, then will I be able to use the same ID on a brand new CD of OneCare I buy from the store?This is only if I choose OneCare over Kaspersky and Comodo.A better solution would be how can I change the settings to make onecare not turn on at startup and nag me about renewing the subscription?
Knight Hawk
Sometimes, web links will freeze when I click on them, and I cannot even shut the page. On closing down the PC, a message box comes up: "AutoSuggest drop-down needs to be closed". What is it, and how can I overcome this problem?
I have removed my USB drive several times without waiting for the "It's Safe to Remove Hardware" message. Am I at risk of damaging my drive?
the speakers for my computer when turned on is making this clicking sound, as if a key is permanetely pressed down. It has been doing this for a while anyone have any idea what this could possibly be?
It was really a nice feature that only Vista has that you can right click on a CD or DVD drive in Computer. They've added a slick new eject button and completely forgot about the "Close Tray!" I assumed that Windows 7 would improve on Vista by actually putting the two options next to each other rather than miles apart. Please - bring it back! Is this an option that I can turn on or off? Where do I set this? I use this a lot as I am using a media center and that has become part of my flow. Is this possible to add another way?
It's been acting very strange for a couple of days, right in the middle of doing something the computer will jump back to a different site! Kind of like it has a mind of it's own:)