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Dum blonde

How much should it cost to replace power steering fluid in a 2004 explorer?


do it yourself, 5.00


If it costs more than 25 dollars, someone is robbing you. A P/S flush can be done at home using a turkey baste and $4 worth of fluid!


Please be careful with the absolute. As a pro master mechanic since the mid-seventies, I speak with great experience, always with $$ in mind. To adequately flush the steering pump AND rack it takes about an hour. The BG cleaner is expensive and uses about 2 pints, the ONLY fluid recommended is a Ford product. It too is expensive. If it's to be done, then have it done correctly. It's not unusual for the Ford truck-line to have jumpiness in the steering wheel, and become hard to turn when the fluid is tarnished. ALL of that has to be flushed. Cheap is not always correct.


As a consumer, I am always looking for an efficient and inexpensive method to keep money in my wallet.
When it comes to a power steering flush, it should be cheap and easy. maybe not always, but most of the time it can be done without having to pay for a mechanic's time and facilities.


it should cost around 75 for labor and 30 for the other stuff.


maybe 10

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