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My car won't start. It makes a clicking noise when I try to start it. All the lights work.

Like I said, it just clicks...when it did start it chugged into it and then idled. I turned it off and tried to start it. All the electronics work when the keys in.
Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Turn off all accessories...Radio...a/ you do have a low charge, these or one of these can tip the scales as you try to crank.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

at worst it could be a starter solenoid starter is in order. Could be battery connections...wiggle connections until they are tight


I tried that, they're cleaned and everything. I was thinking the batteries really low, enough power to keep the lights going, not enough to crank the starter.


Take your battery to an auto parts store...most will bench test it free to see if will hold a charge. They can also test your alternator to see if it's charging properly. Not sure how old your car is but most cars nowadays need lots of juice to start...your lights and other gadgets will work but there's not enough power to start the car.


If your lights are at normal brightnbess, that sounds like the solenoid in your starter is shot. If you can find your starter, sometimes banging it with a hammer will get the solenoid unstuck. This is a temporary solution and eventually, you will have to get a new starter.


Try a jump start. If that does nothing it is your starter. The fact that it chugged when you did get it to start, is probably because you flooded it. If it is fuel injected, you may have spark plug wires getting old and cracked.


I jumped it yesterday, it starts right just gradually dies down, the lights dim. I know its not flooded though...

Mac....Of Moot and Mac: a short


If it starts with a jump and then dies when you disconnect, it is the battery, could be the altenator. It could be a lot of things depending on the make and year.
If you remove the altornator and have it checked, and they say it is bad. Look to see what it reads, and have them check the new one and compare. They will hose you in order to get you to buy a battery.


sounds like bad or low charge in battery

Whiter than God:

Sounds like your starter at worse, but check the solenoid 1st.

i am having this prob! i have no idea whats wrong other than something with the battery! it makes a click click click noise when i try to start it and all the lights and radio still work! its done it for a week. 1st it would start with a jump but the last time it wouldnt start for a very long time i tried jumping it with 2 diff vehicles b4 it started an hour later! i tried using a used battery that still worked and it killed some of the charge in it too and wouldnt start the next day! tho it started when we 1st put it in!!! HELP!!!!!

im really starting to get annoyed with my poor 2005 cobalt!

My car makes a clicking noise when i go to start it. when i jump start it, it works. but when i disconnect it doesn't. a few weeks ago rac re charged my battery for me so why is it doing it again?
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