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I hired a new office manager last night. Went through a head hunter personnel company. They gave

the person exactly as I asked for. Is this normal or was it just a freak thing?

Good for you but I think you just got lucky.......


give it time. you may change your mind. I hope not.

Twisted sal:

I'd give it more than a day before making a judgment RICK.


I get my payment back if he doesn't work out within 90 days.

Twisted sal:

Of course - good!


Excellent Rick! Glad you didn't hire that other candidate. Best Wishes on the new recruit. I think if you hire a head hunter, they are going to be diligent with finding a suitable person. After all, your business has growing needs, and I'm sure they would want you to use their services again. ;o)


I think you were smart to do that instead of taking the woman who had 2 relatives with jail records. That may not have turned out good. When you've had this employee working for you awhile, you will find out if they are right for the job. Why wouldn't they send the person (type) you asked for, you're paying good money for their services. That's what they're supposed to do.

Still Changing:

That would depend on what the problem is your having.It sounds good but things are going to change.Just take notice of whats going on.It sound like your on the money.


thanks for the good wishes


It was probably just a coinky-dinky. Now get rid of your old office manager ... PRONTO!

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