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Goodbye, Cruel World

How can sea salt have less sodium than other table salt?

I saw this claim in an ad. The last I checked, table salt was NaCl. How can salt have less sodium?

Sea salt contains many other salts, potassium, magnesium, calcium chlorides as well as manganese, iodine and other salts.


Best answer.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

True, but mined salt has minerals as well and may have iodine and anti-caking additives as well.

Both can and are refined and, probably for marketing reasons, sea salt may be less refined.

From which sea would you want your sea salt to originate? I do not think the East China Sea would be good, given what China dumps down its rivers.

The ancient salt deposits should have less human pollution. So I wonder why sea salt is allowed to have more contaminants.


Percents, my friend. Sea salt is much lower in NaCl, than table salt.


As Russ said there are 26 salts and not all contain sodium.
Sodium chloride comes out of solution first and if the company evaporating the sea water is in for the fastest buck they will stop there and the sodium content should be the same.
If the evaporation continues the other salts start to come out and you get a more balanced product that costs slightly more to produce.


everything russ said plus you use less..


Where does 'other table salt' come from? Last I checked it was the sea.


Most is mined on land


OK then, thanks. Nice way of slowing salinity problems.

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