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Ladies,do you depend on your husbands to take care of your car for you,protect you,ect....?


I'm in charge of taking my car in to be fixed, cleaning it, and necessary husband's father is an Auto Mechanic so I've also learned a thing or two about cars...which really are interesting!

My husband sleeps like a corpse...he even has the coffin pose usually it is I who gets up when there is a strange noise and ends up tiptoeing around looking for "intruders" I don't really "depend" on him....just sort of wish he'd wake up quicker.

I do depend on him to help me with the kids...have a steady job that helps us pay the bills...and me and let me love him...I do depend on him for that.


Good answer,trina,thanks!


No, sure would be nice though. Hubby is deployed so often that its essential that I know a bit about basic oil necessity and fluids, tire pressue. I also travel quite a bit when I feel like being spontaneous, which is often. I also have some towing on the insurance and a plan provided by my cell phone carrier, in case I lock the keys out of the car, or run out of gas. Sure does help to have a brother in the automotive industry and some good neighbors/friends who I can call upon if there is a real emergency. I don't think any women should depend entirely on a man for anything! I would like him to put gas in the vehicles. I just HATE doing that!


Hi,Imponderables,how are u? No,i don,t think a woman should depend on a man for everything either.


Doing well Leanna. I hope you are also. Must admit half of what I know, about anything is way too much.. at times. I hate knowing how to change spark plugs, and windshield wipers, and how to cut the grass, and adjust the sprinkler heads, or replace the screen when it gets torn... on and on and on, lol. ;o)

Goddess Of The Universe:

I do because he is a mechanic, so I trust he has my best interest at heart. I know enough myself to do the basics. So it works for me!


Yeah,i do need to learn how to be more independent. How lucky you are to not have to worry at all about your car,plus the huge expenses most of us have to pay!

Goddess Of The Universe:

Yeah it is nice, but the parts and extras still cost, I have 8 brothers I had to learn!


HI there leanna. My hubby is very good at fixing cars always has been. He gets after the kids to make sure the oil is changed and tires are good or rotated for the winter.


Good for him,presser#1!

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