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How much to get car out of impound? Please read...

Customs impounded car at Tijuana border. Car is in San Diego. How much you think it will cost to get out of impound? Need to wait 3 days to find out how much. Any price ideas?

$175.00 and more if you wait...too bad!


That really sucks. I have no idea what the going rate for impound is over there. I'm sorry your trip didn't go the way you planned. Hope the rest of the year goes off without a hitch.


hi john... my son works for a tow company he says you will most likely have to pay for the tow about 175$ and daily storage fees of at least 25$ a day.. and the police department impound release fees, here they are 120$ ...and hopefully it doesnt have a 30 day hold on it...


John, wow that stinks - I wish you had taken my advice about not taking your car across the border! I remember telling you not to - it's better to park and walk...been is going to cost you a minimum of $300 to get that car out! it's a racket John.

I really do wish you would've taken the advice you asked for.


Danm, Boots you nailed another. I have never even been to Mexico, I just listened to all of my fiends.


150 for impound and 10 bucks a day in atl


Oh they should have it stripped down to the frame and steering wheel right about now as we speak. Empty out your entire 401k savings and any other retirement accounts take the money convert it to pesos because you are going to have to pay a lot for the parts to get your car beck.
A new meaning for the phrase, "Run For The Boarder" you should have ran it till the wheels fell off and never got caught, LOL.


tell me about it!


Yeah they pretty much got you by the long hairs. Tell me you did not get one of those DUI tickets ? I sure hope not !

2 Cents:

OMG. You done bought it now. If you wait long enough, maybe you can buy it at auction in a few months for very small amount.


If it was customs, then you were probably trying to smuggle in something illegal. Most likely, you will never see the car again. It will be sold at auction, so you might be able to buy it back.

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