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Luis Filipe

How do I remove my headlight assembly on my 2000 Toyota Celica

I just purchased new black headlight assemblies for my 2000 Toyota Celica GT and I cant figure out how to remove the old ones from the car. I know there are two visible bolts on at the top of the light and one at the bottom *near the air intake etc.*When they are removed the light becomes loose, but it wont come out... am i missing something?Thanks.

you have to remove the bumper in order to completely take out the head light assembly. there is a bolt also in the wheel well


Remove the headlight(s):
First disconnect all the connectors to the headlight(s). There are four; High Beam,Low Beam,Turn Signal and Parking.
Next remove the three bolts with a 10mm socket. There are three bolts. One at the front of the headlight(s), one at the rear and one on the side in the inner fender area. Carefully remove the headlight(s) by lifting up from the rear and foward.
Inspect the headlight for any cracks or split seams. These headlight(s) come apart in two sections upper and lower. Lets assume that you find a crack or split. Purchase a quality sealant and apply a bead around the entire area where the top meets the bottom. After this has dried/cured we'll need to get that moisture out. Some folks have placed the headlight(s)in a oven at very low temp for about 30 minutes or. Some even raise the temp to melt the adhesive then cool off, this is another way to reseal the headlight(s). However in my opinion I highly suggest you DO NOT DO THIS.
Just a matter of "what can go wrong will" and you will not only be buying new headlight(s), you will proably be forking over some cash for a new oven.

You will need a hair dryer. Turn the hair dryer on med to high and direct the hot air inside the headlight(s). I reccommend about 10 minutes. This will remove all condensation or moisture.
Reinstall the headlight(s) in reverse from above.
Reconnect all connectors and reseat the two rubber boots on the high and low beam connectors. They are marked "Top" with an arrow. Make sure they are on correct and tight.

Check to make sure all your light are operating correctly. Then reinstall bumper. I just about guarantee that if your too your time and followed this fix you will not have any more problems.
Inspect those rubber seals from time to time to make they didn't get bumped of, even if they are even a bit loose water will get in. If they are dried out or cracked replace th

Luis Filipe:

How do i reach the bolt under the light assembly. its very tight and i cant reach the bolt... i'm seriously starting to think that i'm going to have to break it in order to get it out.
Do you know how I can get to it with taking the entire car apart.

Queen Mabds:

you can do this two ways
1:break them and then replace (what I would do)
or 2:look at the manual that should be in the glove compartment.

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