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Chrysler Crossfire Oil and Gas question

Okay so Im looking at getting a new car, a chrysler crossfire. The car says to use premium gas 92 octane or higher. How much more a year on average is this on gas. 200 300 bucks? I also hearrd to use 0w-40wt oil. What is that and what is the difference between the other oils.
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I own an 05 Crossfire. It only uses premium period, they say that in the owners manual and on the gas door.
The mileage runs about 21 city to 27 highway.
This car is a blast to drive and is a head turner.

The oil is 0w-40wt oil it is only made by Mobil 1. It is for European cars. The car uses 8 and a half quarts of oil and needs to be changed about every 9000 miles.
The cost depending on were you get it changed can can run from $80.00 to $130.00 dollars.
Consider it has to be done 3 times longer then a regular oil change and it isn't that bad. a normal synthetic change is about 50 bucks.

The tires are very pricey, it has 18'' on the Front and 19'' on the back
figure roughly 200 plus for front and around 300 for the back.

This is a Mercedes with a Chrysler's body, under the hood is all in German.


I ONLY burn 92 octane premium in my vehicles. It would be difficult to determine that actual cost differential, since you will receive better mileage with premium fuel. The actual cost will be about the same, or could be worse with lower octane fuel.

AVOID E85 at all costs!!! Your mileage will definitely suffer. Ethanol is inefficient.

I get 30+mpg with my Corvette on the open road. I presume that I would never get above 27mpg using regular.. That's at least a 10% difference, or about the same as the cost difference.

I only use 5w40 synthetics in my Corvette. I use 10w40 (blended) in my other cars during the summer and 5w20 during the winter. (I live in Minnesota where it can get below zero from time to time.)

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