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Gas Wars of the 1960s?

Does any body remember them? gas stations would compete for your business by lowering their price of gas from .35 cents to .25 cents per gallon (not a misprint) How does the economy of the 1960s compare with current economy?
2 Cents:

I remember them well. In those days we were on a very strict budget, so we would fill the tank of the tank, and buy 5 gallon can on pay day. That would last a week.

I also remember there were often gas stations (at least 3 of them) at every (almost) intersection.

remember when the guy would pump the gas.. regular or ethel... and then swipe the windshield, and even, sometimes the headlights!

I remember service with a smile, polite young men in spiffy uniform shirt and slacks.

I remember being able to go to any gas station and get radiator hoses, fan belts, windshield wipers, antifreeze, oil changes, so many things.

I also remember my sons loving the hot wheels, and my mom and dad had full sets of pitchers with 6 or 8 glasses.

We didn't have stamps where we lived, but in California, they had blue chip stamps and S & H green stamps Maybe some others, I don't remember.

Those were the good old days in some ways.


Thank you for your comments , it's hard to image what you described in the good ole days. Seems like life was alot simpler back then at a slower pace than today's world.


Ahhh the good old days, I don't remember that back then but I do remember when gas prices were not a every day is getting out of reach some days;(


I don't remember it either, only heard about it, I wonder what the headlines read back then? Thanks for your comments.


I don't remember the gas wars of the 60s but the late 70s shortages and lines around the block to hopefully get a tank before they said out and you were out of luck. This was also when gas was 50 cents and went to the unbelievable 1.00 a gal.


I do remember gas at .50 cents going to $1.00 and our family trading our big car for a smaller 6 cylinder car. Thanks for the comments.


I loved licking the stamps.
Sometimes you would get cool glasses, and dishes and stuff.
the current economic system sucks.


I do remember licking stamps, and my parents getting free stuff at the gas station! Thanks for the comments.


Now the gas wars go in a different direction. if one station raises their price. They all raise their price.


I remember. Do you remember when they dropped or raised the price to 29 6/10th, or 34 4/10th?


No I don't, that really happened? Did that make a news story back then?


And they gave you a free Hot Wheels car with a fillup, I still have about 20 of them from way back them. Gas was around 18 to 22 cents a gallon, and you got a free toy!!! I was born in 1960, so I was a kid, but I do remember the Hot Wheels.


Thanks for the comments. Nothing free today at the gas station , not even the air for the tires!

Samuel Deva:

Ah, those glorious days... today's economy , in my opinion, is largely driven by what the "welfare millionaires" want...


This is true and what the popular vote gets! Thanks for the comments.

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