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Car steering wheel is locked up! Help Please?

I didn't have the car on and the car was in park but I turned the wheel completely to the left and hear a click noise. My steering wheel is now totally locked and won't move at all. The key will go in but I can't move that either. Any Suggestions?????????

First make sure that the transmission is in park, then insert the key and try to turn it but don't use too much strength or you may break the key off, if that fails to unlock it then wiggle the steering wheel back and forth right to left while trying to turn the key most often this will do the trick and things will be ok again if not you will probably need a mechanic.


this has happened to me before. Put the keys into the ignition. Turn them to the start position and try to turn the wheel. I had to keep goofing with the Key, And wheel at the same time. It seems the ignition lock had screwed up. Once I got it started I took it to my buddy the locksmith. He replaced the ignition switch and WALLA no mo problemos


157's answer's great. Thought I'd add my own experiences. My Malibu used to do this. I called their nationwide service and was told to do what 157 did -- goof with the key. They also suggested I take my shoe and pound it on the ignition lock set. You might also try rocking the car just a bit (they told me that as well). I did get it started. I think it was the sledgehammer. ;-)


GIMME THAT HAMMER FOUR. what's a hammer for?


Make sure the car is in park the whole way and also check the steering fluid if that doesn't work, other than that I'm lost, good luck!


it's the blinker fluid is low is all


I had this happen with a rental car. When I called they told me to step hard on the brake pedal. That worked.

Literally Speaking ™:

Pull hard on the steering wheel which ever direction the wheels are locked in and then you should be able to turn the key to unlock the wheel.


Turn the wheel to the left while turning the key. This is simply the security lock engaging. To disengage, turn to the left to take the pressure off the key lock. Then turn the key, and it will release.


Also, step on the brake while doing this.

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