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What causes the click in my car just before it starts it sounds like electromagnets not fully on.

My car starts but just before it turns over it makes a series of clicking sounds, I could only guess its something like all the fuel injectors going on and off several times or the sparkplugs making loud clicking noise as if being grounded. Any ideas?

The clicking is probably the starter solenoid dropping out because the drain is causing the voltage to drop. A common cause is a voltage drop across dirty battery terminals. Clean the terminals with a medium grit sandpaper.


and also the inner surface of the battery clamps.


I only hear the problem within seconds of the car starting after turning the key. I tend to think it is something to do with electro magnetic switches (click, click .... about ten times) rapidly going on and off. All this happens prior to starting and the engine starts fine with in seconds of turning the starter on.


Right. That switch is the starter solenoid. When the battery voltage drops, the switch drops, and the the battery voltage goes back up and activates the switch again, over and over until eventually the engine fires.

Put a voltmeter on the battery clamps and have somebody turn the ignition switch. You will see the voltage vary until the engone starts.


Sounds a bit like a problem with fuel pressure. Perhaps the sound you are hearing is the fuel pump engaging and disengaging in an attempt to maintain the the proper amount of pressure. If this is the case, you might solve the problem with simply changing the fuel filter or it may require a new fuel pressure sensor or at worst, a new fuel pump.


After speaking to some folks about this I tend to think it may be fuel filter related. I have a maxima 3.5 engine and it also has spark plug solenoids or coils? What do you think of the possibility of these coils or the fuel injectors rapidly engaging and disengaging due to lack of fuel pressure?

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