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It is 45 degrees outside. What should my tire pressure be?

Tire air pressure changes with temperature. My car says that the pressure should be at 30psi. However, it is pretty cold outside right now. Should it still be at 30psi? Or should it be lower or higher to compensate?

The pressure should remain at 30 PSI. The change in temperature will affect the pressure though. If you inflated the tires at 30 PSI when it's 90 degrees outside and the temperature is now 40 the pressure will drop by about 5 PSI.
The rule of thumb is for every 10° Fahrenheit change in air temperature, your tire's inflation pressure will change by about 1 psi (up with higher temperatures and down with lower).

Check out this site for more information.


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it will be lower if it's cold and you are using air. Most new cars use nitrogen because its less sensitive to temperature.


Has the car been driven? What's your altitude? $

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