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What are the educational requirements to be a diplomatic ambassador?

I need to know what the high school/college requirements to be one are.And what level of math is needed to be successful.

The requirement is- you nust be a major donor to the party that controls the executive branch and it helps a lot to be a major donor to one or more elected officials in the party. Ambassadors posted to countries of importance, or great climates, are seldom chosen by education levels (or IQ).


There are no educational requirements for an Ambassador because the positon is appointed. owee, th Ambassador's staff will include people with BS and Master degrees. It would be save to say that the Ambassador will be a person with at least a Maser's and some with Phd's.

Austin Beals:'s all a popularity contest. I plan on being an Ambassador for a South American country and this is how I plan on doing so:

1. Makes millions through starting a few massive companies.
2. Become at least a mid-level celebrity.
3. Spend a few years living in whichever country I plan to work with. Then gain influence by doing business there and by becoming a well known and friendly face in the country.
4. Become proficient at golf and spend my days playing with high-end political figures.
5. Once I have established a close relationships with the few people who determines that position, I will request the title and will receive it. :)
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