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What's the average milage that a truck driver has to go on daily basis with truck's load?

I'm speaking of those CDL A license trucks the eighteen wheelers.

I have a CDL license. By law you can only drive 11 hours within a 14 hr period.
For example, if you start at 5am then you have until 7pm to complete those 11 hours of driving. If you complete those 11 hrs before 7pm you have to stop and take a 10 hr break. These are the rules for over the road drivers.

As far as mileage, it depends on the speed you are traveling. Some trucking companies have their speeds "Set" and you can't go any faster.
It also depends on what kind of traffic and weather you run into.
But on a normal day you can average 600 miles within that 11 hour period.


well i was baxckwards lol my husband and i hardly ever had a normal day there was always a hold up and a idiot dispatcher and a quell com computer satellite in the truck its not easy and its not hard to make a living driving its time consuming and aggravating but people have to eat .............god bless ya


i dont know if the rules have changed but three years ago you could not drive over 10 hours and you have to have proof that you do not drive over the ten ,keep store receipts ,i lived on a truck for six months husband is a driver he is off the road now but in that six months i learned a lot can get some miles in 10 hours its hard to tell you how many miles because of the different routs you have to take and the different pick ups and drop offs and if you go east you will more than likely be going into new york a lot and new jersey and then have to go strait down to florida and back ....its hard to tell you yes there is a mileage number that some one could add up but that is not how it will be when your out on the road .....roads are under construction in some big cities that takes an hour off of your 10 hr driving time the driving time could have changed but i doubt it it was made to keep drivers off the road driving in their sleep and keeps dispatchers from pushing the drivers into insanity ..............................god bless ya

......,....,: scroll down to united states ,dont cook your books you will get caught ...................god bless ya


How much does a new car cost? How much is an operation in the hospital??????


been there huh lol ............god bless ya billy

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