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When returning a leased car, what is considered "unusual wear and tear" ?


What Is Considered Excessive Wear And Tear?

Excessive wear and tear on any vehicle is a "gray" area of definition. It's highly subject to interpretation. A basic definition is any concern, be it cosmetic or mechanical, that falls under the category of beyond normal as compared to other like vehicles. What's considered normal, everyday wear and tear to one, is excessive to another. The question now becomes; what is normal? Again, a "gray" area of definition.

There are many factors that need to be addressed. The vehicle's age, its mileage, availability of service/repair/maintenance receipts, how it was utilized, even where it's parked, just to mention a few. Each lease is different, each vehicle is different. The same is true for excessive wear and tear definitions. The lessor's standard for excessive wear and tear is found in your lease agreement.

A good way to determine excessive wear and tear is if the specific concern would occur within the normal, day-to-day use and operation of the vehicle.
Typical examples include:

* Broken, Damaged, Or Missing Items
* Dented Or Damaged Body Panels/Components
* Cracked, Chipped, Heavily Pitted Or Broken Glass
* Cuts, Tears, Burns Or Stains In Seating Or Carpet
* Excessively Worn Brakes Or Tires
* Poor Quality Repairs

For example:

A car has minor surface swirl marks on the left front fender from repeated car wash visits. That would be considered normal wear and tear. However, if the same vehicle would show deep scratches or scrapes from parking to close to Johnny's bicycle, that would be considered excessive wear and tear.


A 3 year old vehicle with 35,000 miles has a "wear" spot on the carpeting directly below the accelerator pedal. That's considered normal as what vehicle wouldn't? On the other hand, the s


Dents, dings, scratches and bullet holes would likely fall under such description.


Dents. Broken parts.
And depending on your contract.... Some car leasers make you have regular oil changes and tune-ups if you have the car for more than a few months. Failure to keep records of that will look like neglect.


Would that mean having a bump in it, suppose the deposit would cover the unusual wear and tear, meaning you dont get it back

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