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wat is the dif bet a v4 and v6 engine?

does a v4 really go that much slower?
Paper Trader:

A V-6 engine has six pistons were a V-4 engine has only four. Does that mean they go slower? Not necessarily. It all depends on how big the cylinders are. Typically however V4 engine has less power than the V-6, thus providing less acceleration but improving on gas mileage

Literally Speaking ™:

You would lose 3 stars if this were an automotive class, lol.


Paper Trader:

Why? what did I say wrong? If I did, please correct me. It's more important for 'shlo' to get the right answer than my rep.

Literally Speaking ™:

As I stated above, there is no such thing as a V-4 engine in any automotive application.


That's just a technicality though! Basically what he said is exactly right.


Why? what did I say wrong? If I did, please correct me. It's more important for 'shlo' to get the right answer than my rep.

I wish I could vote for a comment. This is why your rep's so good, Greg.

v 4 engines are used an also raced


Its not a matter of speed, its a matter of power, and gas!

Young chang:

never heard of a v4. a 4 cylinder has four pistons, hence the v6 has 6. overall a v6 is more powerful than a 4. though each rule has an exception. a 4 normal gets better gas mileage and has less overall horsepower. though there are a few really powerful 4 cyl. out there. it is all relative.....


ditto, Inline 4's vs V6.
How about inline 6's or VR6's.
Basically it all boils down to displacement. Like the saying goes "theres no replacement for displacement."
A 2.5L I4/4 vs a 2.5L v6, given the optimum gearing for both, each is just as fast as the other. It is just that one exhibits power advantages in different parts of the rpm range(inherent in the qualitys of an inline verses a Vee verses a VR), and how well a mfg creates its gearing, and number of gears.
This can be argued any number of ways, one is heaver, one does not have as many gears, one is smoother, one might be more reliable, ... on and on. But in the end given a reasonable/affordable amount of budget not huge, one can generally say there is no difference between 4's, 6's and 8's(given the same displacement) if they are geared correctly for the task at hand. Ie street driving, vs freeway, vs drag, vs oval, vs endurance.

Inline Engines:
V Engines:
VR Engines:
Rotary(Wankle) Engines:

Just my 2cents. ymmv. btw not that it matters, I like all kinds of engine designs each has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, just pick the one you like, can afford or best fits your needs.


Literally Speaking ™:

No such thing as a V4 engine, all 4 cyl engines are inline or I-4


V6 has two more cylinders. Wisconsin made V-4s, and Kholer did, too. These were not auto engines, though. Possibly some foreign make used a V4 configuration. Slower is a function of RPM, and power to achieve RPM under load.

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