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I need the news article covering a car accident in June, 2007 that killed Stephen Lewis in Albu, NM

Stephen Lance Lewis, 24 years old died June 6, 2007. Im a good friend of his, but have no way of contacting his family for details on his death. He was in a car accident and passed away, I know there was at least one other person in the car. The crash was somewhere in Albuquerque, NM. I found his obituary but I would like to see if there were any new articles or coverage on this accident. Please help me!

Contact news paper.


Thanks for the suggestion, tired contacting the newspaper. They told me to call back when I know more info (i wouldnt be calling them if I didnt need more info) or to try back in a few days (even though its been 13 days since his death). But thanks anyway, I'll keep searching.


Use Google or Yahoo Search


Ive tried, found the obituary. But no new article. You would think a car accident killing at least two people would make the news, wouldnt you?



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