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Do you remember the Bell Telephone Hour on tv? This goes waaaay back.....

Each year at Christmastime, they would repeat two Christmas stories: The Nativity and Twas the Night Before Christmas, and the "actors" were marionettes. I always thought they were well done, and I wish they would bring those shows back from time to time for old time's sake. And another show like Playhouse 90 would present a stage production of "Scrooge". Ah, the good old days.

Oh yes, and on a Black & White TV. Those were great shows. A few years ago there was talk of bring back Playhouse 90 with new plays. I guess they decided there wouldn't be enough viewers to justify it. Too bad.


Way too bad. It's all about the money and the numbers of viewers. I think it's time for a new wave of nostalgia. Remember "Requiem For A Heavyweight" ? Jackie Gleason in a serious role, Ed Wynn, Keenan Wynn, and Anthony Quinn as Mountain Rivera. One of the best.


Yes! Something I did not see! I still am a youngster!


The TV Land channel shows a lot of the old tv series, but they don't go back far enough. Shows like Playhouse 90 and Studio One had some great drama and the holiday specials were just that. I know you'd recognize a lot of the actors who were well known at the time or would become such. A lot of the shows were put on what was called "kinescopes" and never transferred to tape, so may be lost forever. But I know a lot were put on tape, and what fun it would be to see some of them again. So how are you Lisa?


Much better tonight mountainman! How are you doing?


Doing swell, thanx.


gee mountain man... I just cant seem to remember that one... was it a regional thing?


Ya know, mom, I never thought of that.

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