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When people ask "Do You Have Spare Change ??? " Do you give them any ???


Too many bad experiences. . .once gave a homeless lady a $1.00 when she approached me while I was waiting in the car for a friend. She stuck her hand in the window and demanded that I give her the $20.00 she saw in my wallet. A friend of mine bought a lunch plate for a man that he saw digging in the trash for food. When we approached him to give him the plate, he took it, threw it down, started screaming obscenities and even tried spitting on us. I went to PI and gave a kid some loose coins when she approached me and all of a sudden I saw a whole bunch of other kids coming towards me. . .I ran into the taxi waiting for me.


Never, I never have spare change. Any change I have is change that I'm going to use. Therefore, it's not spare, it's needed money.


hope you don't have a flat. with no spare. Me.

Gemz Star!:

That depends. Is he/she better dressed than me? No. Am I being told the change is for gas? No. If you can afford a car than you can afford gas. Do you have booze on your breath or are you smoking? No. Do you weigh 300 lbs.? No. Sounds like you're getting by without my help. But I will give you money for a room if you're shivering on a park bench or buy you a hot cup of coffee and something to eat. Most people who need charity never ask for it. They just suffer.


most people think this way I can't agree. MagicMike. have saw many with a 15 year old car out of gas. as for over weight smoking and drinking. they need help more than the perfect you would help. shame.


I give~ usually I buy them a sandwich or something... I can't recall ever giving more than $1.00 in money though


I like to give food too if I have it! I am not dummy! I know much money collected goes to liquor!

Globally Interested:

I usually keep a loose dollar in my pocket for the less fortunate. It makes me fell good to help a little. A good feeling is worth a dollar, isn't it?


I gave a man a dollar today as a matter of fact!


yes if I can spare it. we all need change.

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