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for an essay, can you have more than 5 paragraphs for mla format?

i am writing an essay for school, and she wants it to be written in mla format. is the standard just 5 paragraphs, or can I have 6?

Also, would you underline or quote a short story title (like Ripvanwinkle and The Minister's Black Veil)?


You can either underline the title or put it in quotes or italics, as long as you only use either underlining or quotes for the entire essay when using a title.

All quotes need to be in quotation marks. If the quote is longer than three lines the quote needs to be placed under the sentence leading up to it with a one inch indentation. Jackie has left a good link that you can look at that describes mla in greater detail.


typo, sentence should read "... as long as you only use either underlining, quotes, or italics..." Basically choose one and stick to it. You don't want to underline one title and then put another in italics.


MLA is really just a style guide for documenting sources and consistent formatting. You can write as many paragraphs as necessary but stick to your instructors directions. I have included a link to a good site to show you how to do this properly.


mla does not dictate the number of paragraphs. Only the teacher will dictate how many paragraphs. You should add a paragraph whenever a paragraph is needed. Like when you change subject, topic, or the idea changes. Your intro and summary need to be separate paragraphs. Hope that helps.


so i could have 10 paragraphs for an essay if i really needed them?


Yes if your teacher has not set a limit on how many paragraphs you can have or how long your paper should be. And, of course, if you are adding paragraphs that should not be a separate paragraph or that are unneeded then you wouldn't want to do that. But, yes, as many paragraphs that are needed is fine as far as mla goes.

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