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How much should a 2000 VW Beetle sell for?

I have a 2000 red VW Beetle (not a turbo). It has 76,000 miles. It is in very good condition except for a small+ sized dent under the passenger door. However, the airbag light and check engine lights did come on. I brought them to the dealer and they quoted $750 to replace the cluster.While I was driving home, the overheat light also came on. I don't know if it's electrical or not because no steam came out of the engine. When I stopped, though, a lot of coolant did drip out of the bottom of the car. So, if I was trading it in to a dealer, what do you think I should get for it? Is it worth it to get the instrument cluster (and I guess any other potential problem) fixed?
Beauty: go there and fill out the information about your car.


you can go to and check too... thats the kelley blue book site...


I thought VW's were air cooled, when did they begin using radiators? Sounds like you have a variety of problems. Maybe time to trade this bomber. Dealerships will lowball you on a trade especially with 76k.


Well, says that the trade has the below value ($6,900). One thing I forgot to mention is that the left rear was hit while it was parked 4 years ago. I've owned it for its whole life though, and I oversaw the repairs. I had one dealer say all they would give me was $1000 which I think is rediculous. Theoretically, if I spend $1500 to fix it (double what the current estimate is just in case), then wouldn't I be able to get ~$5000 on a trade in?
Clean Trade-InClean Retail Value
Base Price$5,650$7,300
Mileage - 76,000 miles$750$750

Leather Seats (Std. Beetle/Jetta GLX, Cabrio GLS)$200$225
Power Sunroof (Std. Beetle/Jetta GLX)$300$350
TOTAL PRICE$6,900$8,625*
* This Retail price is based on a clean vehicle history report. Don't make a $8,625 mistake. Get a Vehicle History Report today.

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