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what are the lights called that come on when you start your car

They are not head lights but look like them and only go off when you turn the key off?

Some cars have what they call daylight running lights, they are just dimmed headlights that operate in daylight hours whenever the car is running.
These cars are most common in Scandinavian countries where visibility is usually poor, however certain imported cars, such as Volvo may retain these features when they are shipped to other countries.


Thanks, it is hard to get a straight answer. I have a Honda

Still Changing:

you should know my friend.6.


They're lights too.


dome lights/interior lights


day runner/parking lihts


yeah parking lights


The are called 'Daytime Driving Lights'. It has been proven that using these type of lights during the day does reduce daytime accidents where the people at fault claimed they did not see the car.


Good thank you! but are they good enough for a "daylight test section?" Or are full head lights still required?

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Dome lights.I've covered up a few.Easy...


If you look in your owner's manual, I'm sure you'll see that they are called daytime running lights.


Thank you for a sensible answer


Mine wasn't sensible? Hmmmmm,



Abel Stone:

Depends on the car. It could be the DRLs as other have said. Some Volvos have city lights also which would come on when you start the car. If its none of those I would guess parking lights.

If they are in the turn signals its the parking lights
If they are in the headlights its city lights
If they are the headlights they are DRL has pictures of all 3.


thank you

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