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Kemo Sabe

how to handle multiple interviews/job offers?

need tips or advice on handling multiple interviews/job offers. looking for a new job and want to keep options open. had one interview this week and more possible interviews this week. do i mention this to the person considering hiring me?also if i get the job offer and i don't know about the other ones yet, do i ask for time to decide?thanks

Don't finish looking untill you are actually getting a paycheck. Interviewers expect that you will be looking for work in other places. There is no need to mention it. Keep following every lead until you actually get hired somewhere. Interviewers may sound very positive but do not stop looking everywhere until you have a job.

Kemo Sabe:



Do you really think now is the time to be choosey? While you are sitting around contemplating these prospects, they will get taken right from under your nose.

J Man:

Just go in and put in your best effort, I am sure they are aware you are looking else where no need to tell them. Go with your instincts only you can decide that

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