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I think I want to get into OTR truck driving. What is a good company to start with?

Having been in Federal prison in the past, is there a fed program to pay for my training? What should I do, and what should I avoid? Advice from someone who knows would be very much appreciated.

The trucking industry took a very hard hit this year, many closed and even the major ones cut back on their fleet size. This put qualified drivers out of jobs so it is very difficult to get a job if you don't have experience. Your felony will also make it very difficult for you to get a job because you can no longer be bonded. I would highly recommend you look for another occupation. As far as what government programs are available to you check with your parole officer.

Sorry but I couldn't hire you for 2 reasons, you lack experience which is always a problem getting started in driving OTR and you can't handle COD freight. Meanwhile the market for qualified drivers is extreme so I can hand pick anyone I want. That is the reality of it.

If Obama does what he promises and pours money into construction there will be many local driving jobs available. Don't expect if for a couple of years though.


First , check the requirements for CDL and see if you can get one, school or not.

Should be a good start here:


The only disqualifications are physical or drug and alcohol convictions, most of those can be worked around.


JB Hunt


Thanks. But why J.B.Hunt?


JB Hunt and Schneider have always hired anybody. They have their own training programs but watch the news because they closed allot of their schools last year and they are once again cutting back on their fleet size.


I forget the name of it but it is that big truck training school in Colorado and after they will fix you up with a job. My friend went there and now drives all over the country and has the best of licenses for truck driving with all the safety rules.

Steve Franklin:
You could try submitting your application through this site.  You application is filtered depending on you qualifications, so it is sent to a company that is willing to look at someone with a felony.

Just click on your state, then fill out the application.

Good Luck!!
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