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I finally got my 4-wheeler started but it won't idle. I have to keep reving it otherwise it stalls??

I have a 1986 Polaris Trail Boss 250 R/ES 2 stroke. I tried everything to get it started and finally used starting fluid and it kicked right on. It hasn't been ran it bout 7 years but when it started It reved really high and then came back down and stalled. I had to spray a lil more of the starting fluid to get it goin again and then i had to keep reving it to keep it going so it didn't stall. Any suggestions???

It should be as simple as following your throttle cable to the motor where it connects and an adjustment screw to cause it to idle more by turning it in and less by turning it out.


My throttle cable connects to the carb and controls the slide in the carb and it doesn't stick? Can you go into more detail?


I think first of all when you do throttle it up does it run smooth or is it rough sounding? If it is rough it may be more than just the idle. However, if it is the idle problem only there should be a way to adjust such. However it may be further into the carb, it is not the fact that something is stuck it would be the fact that the adjustment has changed through the vibration. You would be better off to look at a book or chart to see exactly where and how this can be accomplished.


Could be the carbs need cleaning, could be a fowled plug, or could be the cam shaft, just to name a few. We're working on one now that needs a cam shaft b/c of the idle. Starting fluid is the worst thing you could do for it


why would starting fluid be the worste thing you could do for it? It has new plug and the carb is freshly cleaned


It gunks the carbs up. We've been working on a fleet of Polaris' and the major problem has been with the cam shaft. The dealer said for some reason they are cracking and causing a lot of problems. You could also check your fuel filter and fuel to make sure it doesn't have trash in it. We've had that problem too where we had to drain all the fuel


Correct oil and gas mix

my fourwheeler wont start unless i pour gas directly in the carb and even then its gonna stall if i let go of the gas or go idle
2 strokes dont have cams duh
mike as no clue it doesnt have cam
 its either carb or crank seals both cheap fix
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