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car was driving normal speed on highway but made a loud noise and then died out won't start

nothing works in car except for interior lights what can it be???...

it turned over after a few tries it turned over in sentra 2001


p.s. the battery light marked before this happened but i had just changed the battery like a day or two ago...


we need more info like what did the noise sound like does the engine turn over and so on


it sounded like a mild explosion or thump turned over in neutral after a few sentra 2001

Aquarius the Brett:

Borrow my bike! (A lot of money in repairs maybe!)

Aquarius the Brett:

Loud noise - fan belt or alternator blowing up!

Aquarius the Brett:

Check you instruments for the fault light remaining on!


sounds like it could be a fuel system issue, if the noise was a backfire


Get someone to read the codes on it, should point you in the right direction.

Was the check engine light on before this happened?

When you turn the key do the dash lights come on?

Many newer cars have safety features that won't allow you to restart a vehicle if the cause of the problem becomes critical. It saves you from blowing an engine, etc. I wouldn't be too concerned that the car doesn't start at the moment. If the car just simply backfired and quit you may have blown a coil pack $50 and 20 min and your good as gold. Coil packs don't always code out until the last minute either.


nope no dash lights or anything went on...however, before this happened the battery light did and i had just changed the battery so i dunno what the hell is going on...


Sounds like a severe engine problem. May need a new head gasket. Get a diagnostics check then decide if it will be cheaper to purchase another car.


oh man that sucks thanx!


it's pretty hard to blow a normal engine especially these days unless you overheat it or run it out of oil. Both throw off the dummy lights on the dash. Check our oil, see how low it is and also look to see what color it is. If it's at the add mark or above and normal to black in color your engine should be fine. If it's creamy in color, looks milky or slightly greenish you have big problem. If the oil level isn't showing up on the dipstick you have a big problem.


thanks so much i will check the oil 2morro it's a shop and i really hope i don't get bad news :/ i always keep up w/oil changes so i dunno...


sounds like a transmission problem, ( expensive to say the least) it happened to me on the Interstate many years ago.


engine's don't shut down when transmissions go.


thanx guys i appreciate this

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