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Have you had a fav car? Do you remember dressing them up? Skirts, blue dot tail lights? Fox tails?

Tell us , OK?

Fox tails and skirts, man TC I didn't know you were that old! I've had many and fixed them all up. As a matter fact I spent most of yesterday detailing one of mine. I had / have a Jeep when I was in high school. That was the rage back then, I put headers, winch, loads of chrome, big wheels and tires, the works. She was my baby. I also race built an old Triumph back in the day. I'm trying to get my old Porsche ready for a classic rally in April. Maybe you guessed by now that cars are my passion.


Check your mail, speaking of cars. Hi Thomcat.


Hi bewitched, you beauty, Johbee I see its your passion cars. That is a wonderful pass time, Enjoy. ThomKat. I am a 1931 model.LOL


So you're only 77 years young. I have a 1930 Model A that my grandfather bought. Back in the thirties My Dad put bigger wheels on it and bumpers off different cars. I keep it just like that. Must be in the blood.


i had a 68 charger 440 mag, edlbrock high rise, holley double pumper, headers with chrome sidewinders, 513 rear-end, 4 speed trans, craiger mags and M/d 60s. i also had a 70 cobra with a 429 cobra jet,rockcrusher 4 speed and a detroit locker 411. i don't know witch one i loved most but i wish i still had ether one


bear, great. And lots of good memories. Thanks. thomKat.


yes did my mustangs.


you lucky lady, my wife wants a mustang rag top Hugs, ThomKat.


Do semi's count? I've got a full wrap around mural on mine, a ton of chrome and polished aluminum, 3 - 4 thousand lights and hi-performance all the way. I named her "Princess" because what the princess wants, the princess gets.


It has wheels and it's on the road, sure!
I always enjoy seeing a semi done up nice.
As long as the mural isn't of Elvis on a chopper!


penny semis sure do count, You are our lifeline, We depend on you for our very bread. Thanks for being there, ThomKat, Keep outta the ditches.


Blue dots were only on low riders in my area. Later some Harleys.
Too tricked out and the police would "harvest" you for a ticket over the plain Jane cars in traffic.


pbbarr, you are dead right on picking you out of a crowd for a ticket. yup. Thanks for sharing. ThomKat.

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