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Steering wheel shakes when using the brakes at 65 mph - what could it be?

My Honda Accord's steering wheel shakes significantly when the brakes are applied at high speeds, like 65 mph. What could be causing this?

Along with the other fine answers, I am going to add one thing, that sometimes it is a maladjustment in the automatic break mechanism, especially if it is a barely noticable quaver....peace


hunny says if it does it ONLY when you hit the brakes its a warped rotor...


I thought the rotor was on the starter.

Albert Page:

Yeah it would be from a warped rotor. Essentially this can happen from regular wear and tear from the breaks or something such as it expanding and contracting really quick. (Driving on the freeway for a long time and then breaking after going through a water puddle on an exit ramp. Hot and cold)
So what happens is your rotor is turning with your wheel and on high and low areas - the break pads will pulsate inside the caliper. This causes your wheel to shake - which in turn - you feel in your steering wheel.
You have two options - get the rotor fixed if it can be. A mechanic will basicially shave off a portion of the rotor. (I forget what this is called) or you'll have to buy new ones. Your rotors will probably cost about 50 bucks a piece if you just buy new ones.
You can check prices at I think or just call a mechanic if you like to spend more money. :)

Albert Page:

BTW - the rotor is basically the part you see when you take the wheel off. The shiny metal disc thing. Here is a link to autozone for a break rotor for an Accord. I don't know what year or model you have - but this will at least give you a picture.,33990/initialAction,partProductDet​ail/initialpartType,00854/initialR,1866794/initialvehicleId,2586801/sh​opping/selectZip.htm


Interesting. Thanks!


Its probably the hub. Did it just start?


You know it could also need an alignment or balancing.


thats a different rotor.... brakes have rotors.... but what do I know.... hunny is a mechanic and the boys are too... and thats what they said... :)))


I used to be a mech in the Navy and I knew that!!!
See in the Navy we had a name for idiotic slip ups like that... we called them brain farts! I generally refer to them as Blonde moments.


ROTORS!..... i am no mechanic, but i have been there and done that!.... get them checked right away... dont wait like i did.... i had to replace mind instead of them being able to smooth mine out or what ever it is that they do... i ruined mine... dont wait okay


Yep. Warped rotors! Replace them and put on quality pads. DON'T get the rotors turned. If they are heat warped, the problem will return. Front brakes do 70% of your stopping and your life and other folks lifes depends on them. Get the job done right.


Had the same problem with my Lexus and it was a frozen calipher. I would have it checked right away.


Probably a warped rotor.

John P:

You need a front end alignment.

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