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What would cause a bubble in a tire?

My front passenger tire lost air last night, decompressed and when I had it put back on, there was a noticeable bubble on the inner wall, should the tire warrenty cover it? They are 21 inch Mastercraft tires, and they all have odd wearing on the outer wall about three inches from teh edge, as if I ran on them no air pressure, even though I have been keeping the air pressure to the correct limit, 35psi.

found one.... are they fairly new tires?? if so speak with the manager where you got the tires?


It could be a flaw in the tire. If you still have warranty on the tire, then they should change out the tire for you.
Either way, you need to get another tire. It could blow out on you at any time and is very dangerous!

BUD 28:

You need professional help.

Literally Speaking ™:

Defect in the tire, road hazard,foriegn object puncturing, all these things could cause an egg in the sidewall, the only way to tell for sure is to break the tire down and inspect it from the inside.

QB Kate:

If it is Mastercraft, CTC, you have road hazzard warranty. Take it in and they will pro rate it and give you a credit for a new tire. Sure they will rip you off, but you will have a new tire for a small discount. I worked as parts manager and did it for 4 years. No problem. They will always rip you off a bit. I get annoyed that a person needs to pay for the second tire ballance when you paid for it the first time. Do not drive on this tire, it will blow out!!!!!!!!!!

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