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J. M. Willis

car is wanting to shut off and power on lights are fluttering

Literally Speaking ™:

To answer your question would be PURE speculation and as a professional auto tech I refuse to say anything other than, take your car to a certified aut tech and let them check it.

Literally Speaking ™:

aut o even

2 Cents:

Dang, you are GOOD!
Seriously, guessing games are for the birds. A good tech will know what it might be, and has a whole list of ideas. Checks them out one at a time, and KNOWS HOW TO CHECK them out.


LMAO Literally! It could be one of a hundred things, without the car present to code it out and head for the most obvious offenders you really can't call it! when is the car wanting to shut off, what lights are fluttering..... The worst is when they heal themselves.


Interesting. Check your battery and clean the terminal connections. After that have your alternator checked.


alternator, loose wire, short,
ignition problem
what year make and model


as whipsaw stated but also have your belts and battery checked.


Not much to go on there,. Whipsaw covered it pretty well. Check to see also if your main ground to the frame of the car is ok. The alternator on most modern cars also has the voltage regulator in it, but I don't know how old your vehicle is. Something is draining your power. Does it do it when the motor is not running?


The same thing just happened to me a few weeks ago. At first it only happened a couple times but then it just wouldn't start at all. Car acted like it wanted to stall, etc. Found out it was my fuel pump, needed a new one. If it's cold where you are, you might have water in your tank & it's freezing the lines. If your tank is already full, put Fuel Line Anti-Freeze in it (you can buy little bottles at gas stations etc), pour it into your gas tank and get someone to help you shake your car to mix it in. That's what I had to do at first because I had a full tank. Figured out that wasn't the problem anyway. If your tank is not full, poor the bottle into it and pour gas in with a jerry can. Leave it for atleast an hour and try to start your car again. Don't pump your breaks, instead bleed your lines by putting your gas petal ALL THE WAY down to the floor and holding it there for 10 seconds, then try to start your car if it gets to a point where it won't start at all. Hope some of this helps.


I meant don't pump your gas, not your breaks lol.


You should bring your car into a shop though, just in case it is your fuel pump or something else wrong. Good Luck.


Seems like a bad connection or check the battery and make sure is it charges completely.

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