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What are the L , 2, 3, Gears on a Automatic Transmission car?

You know how there is P , R , N , D , 3, 2, L on a Automatic Transmission... but I never understood what the L 3 2 were for. Why is it there and how do you use em?

Second (2 or S) – This mode limits the transmission to the first two gears, or more commonly locks the transmission in second gear. This can be used to drive in adverse conditions such as snow and ice, as well as climbing or going down hills in the winter time. Some vehicles will automatically upshift out of second gear in this mode if a certain rpm range is reached, to prevent engine damage.
First (1 or L) – This mode locks the transmission in first gear only. It will not accelerate through any gear range. This, like second, can be used during the winter season, or for towing

Sweet T:

The different numbers denote (basically) 3= third gear, 2= second gear, L= low gear.
Each one has a different gear ratio (each number)
You would use 3 if you were stuck in sand or snow (more power to wheels, less speed)
You would use 2 if you were pulling a trailer up a hill (more pulling power, but less than 3)
You would use L or LOW basically when you need power to the wheels like pulling a trailer or something just don't drive in any of these lower gears for an extended period of time or at high speeds because it could harm the transmission.

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