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computer does not recognize partition anymore,,,just died how do i get my information off of it?

when i restarted my computer the other day, it gives some error that flashes so quick you can't read it,,,then it reboots,,,over and over again.I booted into DOS like Mode in order to do some checking and found that it does not seem to recognize the old C: partition on the drive.How do I get my information off of this drive with-out loosing it?thanks

put the drive in another computer as secondary drive


you cann buy a case to make it as an externa; drive to get info off of it.
ultra makes such a case


If Windows was installed, dig out your Windows Install CD and boot off that...
When prompted to go to the repair console or install a new copy go to the repair console...
You should see what looks like old MS Dos now... type fixmbr there to give yourself a new MBR... reboot and see if that fixed your problem...
If it didn't back into the Windows CD we go... instead of going to the repair console this time go in like you're going to install a new copy of Windows... it should detect your old version, select this version and hit r... this will run a repair installation, and will repair the current copy of Windows...
This is all I got for now...

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