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Do you feel that the Patriotic Act has really effected our lives? Wire tapping, internet watching,

future government I.D.'s., free speech, ect... is this becoming a police state?

it has chilled opposition more than can be measured. anyone has things to hide, now any and all info can be collected, and then used, legally. who do you think will run for office now? only those that are wiling to pay the price for silence about their personal piccadillos...kiss our form of government goodbye. austrailia requires a certain amount of wealth to immigrate, and the rabbits are going blind because of the loss of the ozone. i dont know of anywhere elase cept the neverlands, and they are closed...


no one will answer...
its ok, my ip has me anywhere between colorado and la...
plus im listening to thriller, when was the last time you heard that one...
the patriot act is the worst piece of legislation, perhaps, in all of american history. the only thing that comes close is lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus during the civil war, and our incarceration of japanese in ww2, guess the germans owned too many politicians, a mistake the japanese have never repeated.
the problem is in taking back the country. we are still paying a phone tax that was instigated to pay for the vietnam incursion, (it has never been declared a war..)
just like taxes, once you give politicians power they are loath to relinquish it...
i am of the opinion that it will take drastic action, some sort of taxpayers revolution, to roll back these draconian fiats. and, as gillan pointed out, the only reason england went along, at all, is because of that spineless puppet blair. i am totally amazed that the brits, a far better educated bunch of blokes, could have been taken in so badly. blame it on a thatcher rebound, but we all know not to marry our rebound lovers, what happened, a total suspension of logic?
add to this that we now need passports to return to the us from mexico, and the passports will include chips that will, maybe. carry far more info than is necccessary...that our govt. wants to implant chips into babies, and a whole bunch more that wild eyed conspiracy freaks talk about, just like they talked about the trilateral commission twenty years ago, and a bunch more, far too many to try to cover now,
ok, end of rant 232 this month...


free I love your rants! rant on the Univers, k? you were right, no one really answered. Love your name too... Free!


In the UK we have the 'Terrorism Act', most of which has been found illegal by the courts, detention without trial was it's mainstay, we tried that during the IRA campaign and it failed miserably, in all the time while we were being bombed by the Irish did the UK Government never bring in such a draconian law, after 9/11 the US and the UK both used the fear factor in pushing useless and meaningless laws at restraining our liberty, the day they both did was the day both lost the war on terror.

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