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How do I train my 4 month old chihuahua puppy to use her potty pad inside?

She likes to go where ever she's standing at the moment...all over the do I get her to realize she has to go on the potty pad..I've tried everything.

I've housebroken 5 dogs, including a Chihuahua and small Maltese-mix buty they are trained to go potty outside. As someone else said, the small dogs take much longer to completely housebreak but it's certainly possible. The best advice I can give you is take them outside CONSTANTLY, in the beginning. Look for signs, such as circling, sniffing the ground, whimpering, sneaking off to a corner or even just an urgent EXPRESSION on their little faces. If they are hanging out near the back door I ask "Do you have to GO? Want to go OUT? PEE-PEE time?" I say it in an excited voice so it gets their interest and so that going outside to do potty seems like an adventure. They learn to associate that tone of voice and those words with peeing/pooping outside. If they are circling or sniffing in another part of the house, I ask them "Do you have to go OUT?, ETC" and I head for the door, encouraging the puppy to follow. Sometimes they just follow me because it seems like fun and they don't have to go potty, but that's OK.
As was said before, I always take them out after eating, after they wake, after they play and whenever they start sniffing around.
My bigger dogs are better at letting me know when they have to go - usually by scratching at the door or whining or barking. The small dogs often just stand at the back door and stare at the door. It's easy to miss this subtle clue, but I try to stay on top of it. When they DO scratch at the door or jump on the door or whine I make a huge fuss and praise them.
My chihuahua is 99% housebroken. Once in a while I'll find a peepee spot but I bet that's b/c I was in another part of the house and didn't know he was standing at the door.
I don't think the weewee pads are a great idea. Train her to go outside and keep the puppy crated when you are not home. That's what we do with all 4 dogs and it works great for us. Good luck.


A few words about "paper breaking and potty pads" or should I say against it. A pup learns by association and if you allow him to do his duties in the house on paper you are telling him in effect that it is all right to do it within the four walls of your home, you are making this association in his mind,so later when you expect him to do his duties outside, he may think you are a little crazy and you can't blame him. Any healthy pup 8 weeks of age or older, even in cold weather, can go outside. Of course you don't leave him out long enough to get chilled. You take him out just long enough to do his duties.
If the puppy has peed in the house you have to get rid of the odor. This is accomplished with an odor neutralizer, which is available in pet stores. (Do not use household cleaners as they contain ammonia and will attract him back to the same spot.) When used properly it will completely eliminate these odors, discerned only by the dog, by neutralizing the scent. When areas previously used by the pup have been neutralized the incentive for using the same spot will be eliminated. Then spray the area that has been soiled with an indoor pet spray repellent.
Under no circumstances should the puppy be punished for relieving himself in the house, unless you catch him in the act. The punishment should be a verbal scolding not physical harm. A puppy has no mental capacity to connect your anger with whatever he did wrong, even a few minutes earlier. If you cannot get to the pup within 2 seconds of him doing his business then you have screwed up. Pups simply cannot put two and two together to understand why you would be mad about his peeing on the rug. It is confusing to him and you only get a puzzled whimper. Catch him in the act or scolding is no good.
The old adage of rubbing a pups nose in it is stupid. We don't do this to our kids and we should not do this to our pups. Anyone who recommends this needs a lot more experien


crate and paper training was a good method for us we live in an apartment building and it was not always practical or safe to go out with the dog at all hours.


A 4 month old puppy does not have bladder control - that will come when she is around a year old. You will have to have patience and keep the pad inside. I did it like this: 15/20 mins after my dog ate or drank I took her to her pad to pee/poop. Then I put her in her crate (I crate trained the dog) after an hour or so I let her out to do her business again on the pad. The dog will learn to associate the pad with her business and go on her own. Then every few day I brought the pad nearer to the front door and eventually outside. It takes time and lots of frustration but it works...I leave my dog in the house all the time and she does not mess the house.


I haven't had a dog in 35 years that wasn't house-broken by 4 months! The only exception may be that all my dogs were/are big--and I understand the smaller ones [ahving smaller bladders] can be more difficult to train. I will conceed to Daystar's methods as they are well docuemented: timing, limiting water, and limiting space while training ARE critical. Good luck


OOPS....sorry. Consistency, consistency, consistency WILL speed up the process:)


thanks for the compliment...yes, and consistency is a major part of dog training


No problem: your answer was a good one:)


hi .. i have a 3 month old maltese and it wont use the potty pad . i have tried everything and i dont no what 2 do ... what should i do

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