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what would you do if your landlord want fix any thing in your apartment.


If you lose in court:
Worst Case Scenarios:
Sheriffs can put you in handcuffs and drag you out off the rental unit and landlord take control of your processions .
Garnish your wages,etc., for 10 years.
Burn you when other landlords call for background check on nice rental unit you what to rent.
You'll have to pay more points and higher interest rates and
problems getting loans because the eviction will be on your credit report for 10 years.

It might be best to give the landlord 30 day written notice if it's a lease tell him you'll move out as soon as possible and leave the unit clean so it can rented out asap and to give a great reference when background check is done on you.
Give it another shot of getting repairs done. He might change his mind when he knows your going to really move out on him.


Ref. Owner,Landlord in Ca, in Anti-landlord city. In a low-income section of city.


Well...I don't live in an apartment or rent one. If I did....I would hold back the rent until it was fixed. I think by law you can do that.


In most localities there is a Landlord and Tenant court. You need to make a report and complaint to them and they will assist you. If you withhold the rent he can take you to court. The court can order the landlord to make the repairs or if you want to get them done yourself they will allow you to withhold it from the rent and adjust your rent according to the lack of serviceability of your apartment. I've been there and since my landlord refused to do the necessary repairs we actually didn't pay rent for quite sometime. We finally moved but the court ordered him to pay our moving expenses and he suffered some very hefty fines.


1)You can move out
2) If it's a health hazard give proper written notice to landlord if after 30 days you can withhold the rent in a bank account. You might get OK to hire someone to do the repairs and sue the landlord.
 3) Get legal advise what to do in your county. You can end up being sued. Ref. Owner,Landlord (for years) apartments in S.F.Ca.. anti-landlord city.


if you live in a large city- there are tenant Landlord Dispute Angencies, set up, for just such things. If its REALLY REALLY bad, call a news TV station


I mean ghetto bad- out of control mold, no toilet, walls/ceiling falling etc


I would put what needs to be fixed in writing and give it to him, if he doesn't fix it in 72 hours have it fixed and keep it out of the rent, keep your receipts. Or take him to small claims court..

?Santa's Helper?:



My hubby and I were in the same situation. The landlord wouldn't fix a thing, but wanted us to pay the rent. Well, we didn't pay anything for six months. We were also given the option to stay or leave, we left. We called the Housing Authority and they took care of everything else. They told us not to pay anything until he fixed what needed to be fixed. That was in AL also. Look in the blue pages in the phone book, I believe for housing authority, they should be able to tell you where to go or who to talk to.

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