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What type of degree would it take to become an OCD Specialist? & how much money do they make yearly?

I am interested in getting a degree specializing in OCD and treating individuals with those charactaristics. I'm just curious as to how much school I would need (like a masters or a phd) and what the actual title of the job would be and how much money I would make annually?

kel, here's a site to go to for information on OCD where exports answer question. They may be able to give you some detailed advice on the profession. You are talking about either a degree in philology and getting a PHD or a masters in therapy or going the medical doctor route doing a residency in Psychiatry. A therapist may make $35,000 with a masters, a Physician who is a Psychiatry specialist would make around $150,000 to $225,000 range. A PHD Psychology could make anywhere from $50,000 to 100,000. People at this site can give you more information since they work in that field.

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