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In your own words, what would be a fairer economic system?


There probably is no such system that is "fairer." The economy that evolves at a given time in any society is the product of many variable forces that together are the building and supporting blocks of that society's economic system.

When the building and supporting blocks of a given system start to fail, new blocks emerge as a result of social forces. Those blocks are then used to alter the structure of the system. But the subsequent system is not necessarily "fairer." It's more properly described as simply the current economic system that itself is subject to further evolution.


Let see, first you gave us your conclusion which is " There probably is no such system that is "fairer." Then your premise that you based on this conclusion is evolution. What do you mean by "evolution"? Do you mean progression or regression? Are you saying that economic is not subject to human wills? What empirical evidence do you have to support your theory?


"fairer" than what...capitalism? Have you ever read Ayn Rand? The government needs to limit their spending to infrastructure and defense and let the local governments worry about the rest. Libertarians unite!


I like your answer. Power to the locals.



Free markets work. Others don't.

Capitalism is the only "moral system" under our Constitution, as private property is allowed, and people must voluntarily trade with one another, Value for Value, based on the ingenuity (sic) of the peoples. Socialism/Fascism/Communism are all unconstitutional in practice. And there is no such thing as "forced charity" (safety nets/welfare).
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