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Have you ever ordered a product through Time/Life?


yes. years ago I ordered John Wayne videos for my husband. They were very reliable and had no problem canceling when we had what we wanted. They gave plenty of time to refuse the next in the series etc. I had a very good experience with them.


We ordered some records and books a long time ago and it was similar for us.


Yes I have and they never disappoint me but then they don't stop sending you offers!


Yes...they kept asking us if we wanted more and we sort of did but the budget would not permit a continued addiction...

2 Cents:

I get mail from Readers Digest, and I stopped subscribing to it in 1994. Every year at least twice. I find it not as readable as it used to be, too many cardboard pages and inserts. Just like TV Guide has. I have to tear them out to be able to read the magazines, and so now I just get my TV information on-line, and no more magazines at all.

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