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Do you prefer firefox or internet explorer 7? I have both, but want to know which is more effective?

Fire fox is having a few problems with the sandbox feature in my W. Live space.

Hmm... Firefox vs. IE7
You have to trust me on this. You would think IE is better because of its domination of of Web Browser Space for the past few years. But that isn't the case, since 2005 (the release of Firefox), more and more users tend to use Firefox more that IE. Users have to realize that this is a very close competition and either browser has it own pros and cons.

>>In terms of Tabs, I would say it is pretty much the same. Both sets of tabs operate in a virtually identical manner although the
browsers have individual features we like. Firefox greys out all the
tabs except the one for the page you're currently viewing (making
identifying it much easier). It also restores tabs after a crash (early
versions of IE7 had this feature but it was later removed). IE7 on the
other hand has the neat Tab List and Quick Tabs options.

>>In terms of Favorites or Bookmarks, IE7 wins. Mozilla planned a combined bookmarks and history feature called Places
for Firefox 2.0, but this should now appear on its third version. So,
with its nicely redesigned Favorites Center, IE7 easily nudges its way
ahead of Firefox's standard Bookmarks Manager

>>In terms of security. Firefox wins.Firefox fans won't be surprised at this verdict, but the truth is – on
paper at least – the result is closer to a draw. IE7 is a massive
improvement over the leaky boat that was IE6. The new security features
added by Microsoft make it far safer, and level the playing field.
However, it's too early to pronounce IE7 secure and its high-profile
nature means it will remain a target for hackers and malware writers
keen to find (and exploit) any lurking vulnerabilities.

>>In terms of searching. Firefox wins again. Like IE7, Firefox's Search system can discover new search engines, and
adding them is just as easy. However, Firef


I have both, and I like them both...however, firefox is probably a ''bit'' better! ^_^


my opinion is IE7, i suspect firefox DONT block spywares.


I still rate IE7, however, comparing the two when I browse QnA, Firefox 2 seems to perform better for some reason :)

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