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fire resistance rating 3/8" steel plate


Fire resistance ratings are based on temperature on the side opposite to the fire exposure. For a rating, the upper interior temperature is set at 350 F (char point), since the flash point of paper is 451 F. Most ratings use an outside temperature of 1700 F.

Since steel transfers heat very well, the fire resistance rating for plain plate steel is just a matter of a few minutes. But, by adding just one inch of gypsum or concrete, the typical fire rating for 3/8" plate goes up to 60 minutes of 1700 F exposure.

Steel used in construction often requires a spray on coating of a fire resistant insulation to meet building codes.This increases the time the steel can be exposed to fire before it becomes plastic.

If the steel plate is being used for boiler plate or furnace construction, where fire protection is not vital, the fire resistance rating for 3/8 plate, depending on the application, can approach infinity.

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