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i lost my cell phone and the battery is dead. Is there a way to find it. I think it's in my house

is there any hope?
Bearded Elbow:

I guess there is no alternative choice.. Search everywhere.. Sometimes things we lost is just infront of our eyes, and we just not see..;)
All the best,


get some type of magnet or metal detector that can find it. If you can't do that, I'd clean from top to bottom. I really hope you find it


if the phone is dead, then no, you can not find your phone. Even if it has gps, companies will not use the gps for that purpose, the gps is used for the navigational purposes


Offer a finders fee for your family and someone will locate it...if the reward is large enough they will get down to the business of finding it!!!


yes there is a way to find out.its very easy


Sometimes mine will page with a low battery. You might try it.


It will be at the last place you look ;)


Scientifically magnet idea,practically offering a fee for your family would work out,get hints fom mobile service shop

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