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How do you fight against a lawsuit filed against you when you have no money?

We are being sued for an amount that is legitimately owed to an investor, but the funds have not been paid because we don't have money, until the investment property sales. It is all about time, but I now have no time or money. How do I fight back without money?

Is it a lawsuit filed against YOU or a lis pendens (lawsuit) involving the property?

Obviously you can't "fight" any lawsuit without capital, but if you have a lis pendens filed against the property that you are trying to sell, it will have a VERY chilling effect on any potential sale. Nobody wants to assume the expense of such an unknown!

If it is a lawsuit against you personally, and you have no money to fight it, the party suing you can slap a judgment against you. This will trash your credit, but you might be able to pay off the judgment from the proceeds of the property when it is sold (hopefully).

Good luck to you.


The best defense is to send the plaintiff a copy of your bankruptcy papers. If you have no money then you are bankrupt. I'm an attorney and this always stops the process. If you have assets your stuck though

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