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QB Kate

Under George's watch, is your economy falling down around you?

Valentin Alsina News:

hasn't it always been an issue of HOW we spend our money more than are we making enough money---we make more money in this nation than over half the world. stop buying beer and cigarettes-----put that money away to pay your bills---instead of buying a big expensive car that you have to make monthly payments---save up for a car--and purchase it --paid in full----get a cheaper car----now you have more money to pay your bills---instead of eating at Outback and Longhorn and Burger King every night----Buy groceries---look for the sales---cook at home---bag your lunch. Be a good shopper----don't shop because you are depressed---don't by a house that you can't afford-----live within your means---and also---become a GIVER---watch how that alone will cause your circumstances to change---now if you can't get a job----let's look at what you are presenting ------are you employable? if not----what can you do to change that---

QB Kate:

Great answer.

Literally Speaking ™:

Nope just the opposite in fact, My economy has never been as good as it is right now.



Slap Daddy:

LOL I am hardly rich, just responsible


Don't you mean only the hard working?


Only for those who have speculated erroneously, those who have been irresponsible with their money and investments, and those who have chosen to accrue more debt than they can afford to repay.
But, not to worry, because Obama has a plan to take from those who have been wise and prudent and give to those who have been foolish and irrational.




Yes, I have lost fifty thousand dollars in my property investment and also in my home which is now worth a lot less also. I am a lot worse off now then I was 8 years ago.


let me guess you have one of the most expensive homes in the neighborhood and you have an adjustable rate mortgage and/or you have an equity loan. I understand your problem. I buy 150 homes a year from people in your situation

Slap Daddy:

Actually couldn't be more the opposite. this last eight years has been extremely good to me. But then again I wasn't one of those that tried to live beyond my means, and take out home loans that i couldn't afford. anyone out of work should head on down to Hobbs NM. great jobs, great pay, and plenty of work. Spent a bit of time down there I think they had like a 1% unemployment rate, seriously there arent even enough people down there to fill all the positions.


No, I cain't say it is, we worked hard all our lives, and lived within our means, we have a nice home we love, some sound investments, our kids are grown & in business for themselves, so all in all, life is good, we have 1 credit card, in case of emergency use since we don't carry alot of cash
on trips & etc.. Thanks for asking.


made 13 thousand last week and lost 4 of it back. I'm up 9 thousand for ten days. You need to think fast and pay attention in this roller coaster. Some great, I mean great deals out there.


Only thing falling around me are the leaves.

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