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Can you fail a drug test by being exposed to marijuana smoke?

I recently attended the Wildsplash 2007 concert. My buddies and I were surrounded by people who were smoking weed in the crowd. I never smoke. My employment does random testing. Will I fail the drug test?

Probably yes, you breathed it in just like the people who were smoking it.
A drug test will show trace amounts.


Second Hand Marijuana Smoke

It is frequently claimed that a positive THC test resulted from passive marijuana smoke inhalation (second-hand smoke). Repeated studies have consistently demonstrated that this is very unlikely. The following studies show no instance where passive inhalation of marijuana smoke, even under extreme conditions, caused urine specimens of non-marijuana users to test positive for THC using the screening cutoff of 50 and the confirmation cutoff level of 15 ng/mL.

Perez-Reyes and co-workers conducted the first study in 1983. The experiment consisted of three different phases, one conducted in an automobile and two in a small room. Of the specimens collected for analysis, two specimens were found positive for THC metabolites by the EMIT screening test at a cut-off level of 20 ng/ml. One of these was measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and gave only 3.9 ng/ml, well below cut-off.

In 1984 Law and colleagues performed a passive inhalation study in a 120 square foot room. Four nonsmokers played cards over a 3 hour period while six others smoked marijuana in this small room. The THC concentrations found in the urine of the card players did not exceed 7 ng/ml. The authors concluded that the amount of THC metabolites detected in the urine of nonsmokers is clearly dependent on the size and ventilation of the room and on the amount of marijuana smoked.

Morland performed a study in 1985 using a car with smokers who puffed either marijuana or hashish in the presence of nonsmoking subjects. Analysis of the urine samples from the nonsmokers showed no detectable levels of THC in the hashish study. Those passively exposed to marijuana smoke did show occasional urine levels that were positive at concentrations ranging from 14 to 30 ng/ml, but none above cut-off.

Cone and co-workers performed a series of rigorous double-blind studies between 1986 and 1987. The ex


This is probably going to depend on the enviroment. Judging from all of the second hand smoke commercials on tv, I would say that if you can die from it you can fail a drug test!

God's Best! xo


apparently this is possible. i hear that if you are not a smoker that it is possible to get wasted - second hand. however i am not entirely sure of the drug test thing, but i would imagine that if you can be pasively wasted then its likely it can be in your system and thus bring about a failed test.


Yes, you had to inhale it too. I slept alot this weekend after having to go into an apartment full of smoke and people passed out all over. I finally can type without so many misspellings too.


yes you can

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