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will Amitriptyline show up in my drug test


Depends on how much you have eaten since your last dose; how large a person you are; how much liquid you have had; lots of things. But probably yes. However, if this is for employment; there are perimeters. One of which is that you have to declare all meds you are on, their dosage and when you last took them. And then there are also limits by which you can pass or fail set up by the employer. They cannot refuse employment based on your medical condition unless the drug is being taken regularly and affects the safety or performance of the position you are applying for.


Yes it can show up as LSD.


Yes. Currently most companies will allow you to retest although in most cases it will be at your expense with you having to pay the cost of the second test. Make sure to notify the lab of any medications and over the counter medicines you are taking. This will help in identifying any false positive test results. People who have never used drugs have tested positive for drugs because of inaccurate testing or from false positives. If you have failed a test call at 1 800 733 4429 to learn more about drug testing and drug cleansing.


lsd is acid it wont show up with out a spinal yhat funny thought thanks

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