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Why is it illegal to grow your own tobacco

What is the logic behind this law? Does it infringe on our personal liberty & freedom?

HI Ant, I think that it is legal in the USA... what I found when I searched is that in 2005, some restrictions were lifted. It had to do with quotas, but in the process, it made it legal for the end user to grow their own.
If the law has changed since then, could you provide a link?
In case you are looking to grow your own, I found a good link:


Great. Thanks Willow. Actually I'm from Australia & I *assumed* we'd have similar laws on the subject but I guess I was wrong about that.
Thanks for the link & answer though. Appreciate it :)


The logic behind the old restrictions was based on quotas and I am sure that price protection had everything to do with it. Manipulating the free market to keep prices up.
Yep, it did infringe upon personal freedom. When laws are created, somebody's personal liberties gets stepped upon. I reckon that there are times that for the greater good, it makes sense, but it has gone way beyond that.


I thought a permit is only required if you grow tabacco for sale.


Right, I see. I'm from Australia. I thought the laws may be the same but I guess they're not.
Thanks very much for your answer though


For the same reason you cannot distill your own whiskey. It is a taxed item. Taxes must be paid on every drop of whiskey that is distilled, and taxes must be paid on every leaf of tobacco that is grown.

This is why that by the time you purchase a bottle of whiskey or buy a package of cigarettes you are paying mostly taxes on them. If tobacco was not taxed we would pay less than a dollar for a pack of cigarettes.


So in the US it's still illegal to grow your own tobacco?
your answer makes a lot of sense. Thanks for that.
I still think though that it infringes on the rights of the individual his/her personal pursuit of happiness.


then explain to me why wine and beer can be made at home. For these two are taxed items, No. This answer doesn't make sense to me when I look at these facts.


Thanks for the clarification 157. That makes more sense ;)


haha! No worries. At least now i dig where you're coming from with it.
I often forget myself that QnA is a US' centric site. it's a WWWorld!


Sorry, that was meant to read a Wide Wide WWWorld...


I never new it was illegal to grow your own tobacco. i do not think you correct about that. u might not be abe to sell the end product. its not cannabis.


Thanks Chiba, I think you're right about that.


Tobacco is a very easy plant to grow and requires only 65-70 frost free nights to mature once transplanted outside. It is grown in every state, even Alaska. In the U.S.A. it is legal to grow and process your own tobacco at home. Please check your local laws if living outside the U.S.A. DUH




Thanks 157


jim is right someone wants your money. it can't be taxed if you grow it yourself.


Because you have to be rich in order to receive the tobacco subsidies.


I have never heard that. I remember as a child visiting my grandmother in NW WI, she had a large old barn on her property that a neighbor used to dry tobacco leaves he had grown. This was many years ago. I guess you are saying it is no longer legal. I don't know why unless the government is worried about people selling it and not paying taxes on the product as is done with cigs. $

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