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what countries have legalized drugs?

Nat*lee 24/7:

Ever country has some legalized drugs. But if you're talking about illicit ones like grass, LSD, uppers, opium, heroin, etc. I don't know of any country, even Holland who has all those legalized. In Amsterdam (Holland) they have an excessively liberal take on certain drugs such as grass. The Police simply ignore it as if it were legal.

Over all I believe its a poor policy. There is some rationale for legalizing and controlling the quality and taxing the stuff, but I don't believe it would benefit the society at large except for breaking the back of organized criminals to make such profits under our current system.


grass is legal in amsterdam hence cops ignoring it.
legalizing marijuana and taxing it would bring our country out of debt and establishing jobs.. the only reason shady people deal is because they had to resort because its illegal.



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